House Rules

Safe sex supplies, including gloves, dental dams, condoms, wet wipes and lube will be provided. Please throw used condoms, gloves and other packaging in the garbage after use.

Please change the sheets after use.

If sitting naked on uncovered furniture, please use a towel (provided) to sit on.

If you are a squirter, please plan accordingly!

If you play in the dungeon space, please wipe down equipment afterwards with the wipes provided. This space is not monitored. Play at your own risk.

Discretion until you get into the venue is important. Keep you clothes on until you are through the door!

Don’t yuck someone’s yum. If you don’t like what you are seeing, venture over to a different area in the venue.

If you see something, say something. The event hosts are there to ensure everyone has a good time. If supplies are low, if you see a spill, if you believe someone is in distress, please find one of us.