Welcome to Glitch, Vancouver’s newest dungeon party!

Glitch will be held at the Anza Club located at 3 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver. Door open at 8pm and the party goes until 1am.

Tickets are $30 each and must be purchased in advance. There will be no tickets available at the door.

Purchase your Glitch tickets here.

Check out the rules here.

Why Glitch? The Matrix suggests that the life we’re living — the people we know, the experiences we have, what we see, touch, think, and feel — is an illusion, an artificial façade. If life is a simulation, at Glitch you can get a glimpse of what’s behind the illusion. A place to explore the subversive, twist reality to your devious desires and bask in the delicious energy of kink – at least for a night – before returning to your day to day.